Colby’s Portfolio (As of June 1,2021)

This is a list of my current holdings and what account they are in currently. The percentage weighting of each stock may fluctuate as market prices change and I buy or sell stocks. I will probably update This page once a month or so if you want to check in and see what I have bought or sold and how the cost basis and dividends are changing.

It is a good idea to try and max out your tax sheltered accounts before you open a margin account. I did not do this when I started and probably cost myself a few thousand in taxes I would not have had to pay if the stocks were in an RRSP or TFSA. (See notes at bottom for extra portfolio info).

TFSA Holdings:

This month in my TFSA I received a dividend from Bank of Montreal. I also increased my position in Boeing at $229.25 as well as Manulife Financial at $25.54. I bought Boeing because they dipped into my buy target area finally where I felt they had way more upside potential than downside risk. Manulife I bought because they have been dipping pretty good lately. I think they still have some upside potential and I am also looking to bump up the dividend yield of my overall portfolio a bit as it keeps shrinking due to the overall growth of my portfolio.

CompanyTicker/ ExchangeProfit/LossCost BasisDividendMy YieldPercentage of Portfolio
SS&C Technologies HoldingsSSNC/NASDAQ22.99%$61.03$0.641.05%30.53%
Penske Auto GroupPAG/NYSE121.63%$39.91$1.764.41%11.37%
Bank of MontrealBMO/TSE78.92%$73.63$4.245.76%9.13%
The Boeing CoBA/NYSE-18.60%$319.59N/AN/A8.32%
Kirkland Lake Gold LtdKL/TSE10.41%$47.47$0.75*1.98%6.5%
Manulife Financial CorpMFC/TSE26.42%$20.69$1.125.41%6.34%
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS/TSE51.54%$55.36$3.606.50%5.53%
Power Corporation of CanadaPOW/TSE19.28%$33.51$1.795.34%2.83%
Visa Inc-Class AV/NYSE23.15%$185.65$1.280.69%2.69%
Stellantis NVSTLA/NYSE182.27%$8.08N/AN/A2.07%
Empower LtdEMPW/NYSE0.72%$9.97N/AN/A0.90%
Kirkland Dividend is in USD*

RRSP Holdings:

In my RRSP this month I Received a dividend from RioCan and opened a small position in Ballard Power at $19.01. I have owned Ballard multiple times in the past and have been watching them for a long time. They have been hit extremely hard in the last little while and finally came down to a price I was ok with buying them at but it is a very small position as they only dipped that low briefly and I had very little cash in my account at the time.

CompanyTicker/ ExchangeProfit/LossCost BasisDividendMy YieldPercentage of Portfolio
Kirkland Lake Gold LtdKL/TSE7.82%$48.54$0.75*1.94%15.01%
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS/TSE51.86%$55.04$3.606.54%9.75%
The Boeing CoBA/NYSE-31.91%$386.18N/AN/A9.34%
RioCan Real Estate Investment TrustREI.UN/TSE25.55%$17.28$0.965.56%7.15%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class BBRK-B/NYSE50.92%$215.77N/AN/A4.56%
Manulife Financial CorpMFC/TSE6.59%$24.27$1.124.61%3.86%
Empower LtdEMPW/NYSE-0.34%$10.07N/AN/A2.74%
SS&C Technologies Holdings IncSSNC/NASDAQ85.24%$40.30$0.641.59%2.71%
Dover Motorsports IncDVD/NYSE5.64%$2.177$0.083.67%0.68%
Stellantis NVSTLA/NYSE99.18%$11.45N/AN/A0.42%
Kraken Robotics IncPNG/TSXV15.21%$0.555N/AN/A0.21%
Ballard Power SystemsBLDP/TSE10.21%$19.01N/AN/A0.12%
Kirkland Dividend is in USD *

Margin Account Holdings:

There were no changes to my margin account this month.

CompanyTicker/ ExchangeProfit/LossCost BasisDividendMy YieldPercentage of Portfolio
Interlapse TechnologiesINLA/TSXVTBD$0.00N/AN/A100%

There are a few things I want to talk about off of this list. Overall profit/loss includes realized and unrealized gains and losses (dividends and previous trades of that stock in that account). The margin account is an almost bare account. Most of the value that was in this account was moved out to my TFSA.

Interlapse has a cost basis of $0 because I received them as a non cash type dividend from another stock I had previously had in my portfolio. I am just waiting to see if it goes up to a value I like before I sell it.

The last thing that I have to say is always do your own research. Do not buy a stock just because someone says to. You do not need any formal education in order to be a market analyst, (though most do have a post secondary education). Recommendations are fine to get investment ideas but make sure you always look into the companies yourself.

If you are new to investing don’t worry if your account value fluctuates some. The value of your individual stocks does not technically matter until you go to sell. I’m not saying hold a shit stock forever, but if you own stocks you believe are good don’t worry if they go down a bit short term. Hold on to them, average down a bit if you can and then sell once it reaches your profit goal or your making a profit and have another company you think is better to buy.

Thanks for reading.


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